Friends of Horsham Museum

Founded in 1893 as Horsham Museum Society, the Friends of Horsham Museum supports the work of the Museum through fundraising, issues a quarterly full colour newsletter, runs a local history group that promotes lectures and research by members, and offers the opportunity of meeting like-minded people.

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The Objects of the Friends of Horsham Museum (registered charity number 1138172) are:

"To advance the education of the public in the subjects of local history, family history and other subjects relating to the collections of Horsham Museum and to assist and support the development of the charitable work of the museum, its collections and library in such ways as the trustees shall think fit for the benefit of the public. "

The constitution of the Friends of Horsham Museum was adopted on 1st September 2010 and is shown here:

Friends of Horsham Museum Constitution

Friends of Horsham Museum Constitution Supplemental Information

Horsham Museum Society (not a charity) has the principal objective to ensure that the artefacts owned by the Society and loaned to Horsham District Council's Museum are appropriately managed, maintained and preserved by Horsham District Council. Artefacts owned by the Society may be sold subject to the approved disposal policy of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council. Any money raised through the disposal of artefacts or by any other means by the Society is donated to The Friends of Horsham Museum to be used for the purchase of new, or the protection of existing, artefacts for Horsham Museum. Members of The Friends are members of the Society. The Chairman and Treasurer of The Friends are two of the trustees of the Society.

The constitution and rules of Horsham Museum Society are shown here:

Horsham Museum Society Constitution and Rules