Horsham Urban District Council. Bishopric Car Park and Parcels Office
Normal Hours: 8 am till 10.30 pm
All Night Parking: See special Charge as under
Scale of Charges: Car Park
Pedal Cycles 2d; Motor Cycles, 2d; Other Motor Vehicles 3d; (Including Motor Cycle combinations)
All Night Parking 1/-.
Season tickets for Motor Cars: 7/6 per Quarter for each Car – expiring on last day of quarter
25/- per Annum for each Car – expiring on 31st December.
No allowance will be made for broken periods, but where a Season Ticket is held for a Car subsequently disposed of and replaced, the Ticket will be made applicable to the new Car for the remainder of the period.
The Council does not accept and disclaims all responsibility or liability for loss or damage by theft, collision, fire, accident, or any other cause whatsoever to any vehicle, or the fittings or contents of any vehicle, parked in this parking place. Any complaints should be addressed to the Clerk of the Council, Council Offices, Horsham.
Parcels Office
Charge for Parcels left at Parcels Office – 2d per parcel
All Parcels must be properly labelled with Name and Address of Owner. No responsibility can be accepted for parcels left in Cars.
A Slyfield, Clerk to the Council
28th July 1927

Price & Co. Printers, Horsham

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