Horsham and Dorking turnpike road.
The Trustees of the Horsham and Dorking Turnpike Road will at their next meeting at the Red Lion Hotel, Dorking on Monday July 15th 1878 at half past 11 in the forenoon, receive Proposals from persons desirous of purchasing the Drift Sand, scrapings and other refuse matter, arising from the undermentioned Divisions of the said Road for one Year, commencing from the 1st day of October next, viz on:
1. The Epsom Division : 1 mile, 2 furlongs and 39 yards.
2. The Ashtead Division: 2 miles, 0 furlongs, and 154 yards.
3. The Leatherhead Division: 1 Miles, 7 furlongs and 198 yard
4. Mickleham Division: 2 Miles, 1 furlongs and 22 yards.
5. Dorking Division, North: 2 miles, 0 furlongs and 0 yards.
6. Dorking Division, South: 2 miles, 5 furlongs and 82 yards.
7. Capel Division: 5 miles, 2 furlongs and 132 yards.
8. Ockley Division 1 Mile, 7 furlongs and 66 yards.
9. Warn ham Division: 3 miles, 6 furlongs and 214 yards.
10. Horsham Division: 0miles, 5 furlongs and 105 yards.
The trustees will not pledge themselves to accept the highest or any other proposals; offers will be entertained for one or more Divisions, but the proposals must be made at a separate sum for each. The drift sand, scrapings and other refuse matter will be got together and deposited in heaps on the side of the road at the expense of the Trustees and the Purchaser will be required to remove the same when called upon to do so by the Surveyor. The Purchase-money is to be paid in two equal moieties, the first on the 1st day of October 1878, the second on the 1st day of May 1879. Any further information required may be obtained on personal or written application to the Surveyor, at his Office in Dorking,
C A White, Surveyor of the Horsham and Dorking Turnpike Road.
Dorking, July 5th 1878

R J Clark, Printer, Dorking.

(handwritten notes on the poster: column to left of the divisions dated 1877 and a column on the right dated 1878 listing names and costs: 1877 Langlands £2.10 for Division 1, 1878 Langlands 2 10; 1877 Chitty £3 Division 2, 1878 Chitty £3; 1877 Brown £2 Division 3; 1877 Sheaburn (?) £1. 10. Division 5; 1877 Henley £1 Division 9, 1878 Henley £1.0.0)

[Temporary image please contact Horsham Museum for further details]

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