(Sep 1914)
Not War News but Good News - Foster Brothers Ltd are at Horsham.
We are known as the cheapest clothiers in the world and we stand offering you Men’s, Youths’ and Boys’ clothing , at manufacturer’s prices.
The following are a few of the lines waiting for you!
Men’s Dept, Suits in newest tweeds, men’s trousers, smart cut, gents suits to measure,
Youths Dept. Suits, Trousers, Rugby Suits, Indigo Blue Suits,
Boys’ Dept Whitby suits, 3 garments, Norfolk suits, Fancy suits, Velvet suits;
Hosiery Department, pants and vests, summer and winter weights, tunic shirts, half hose, jerseys, collars, ties, hats and caps.
Mechanics Dept. Bluette Trousers and Jackets, Cord and Mole Trousers for strength, Painters’ Butchers’ and Grocers’ jackets and aprons, bib and brace overalls.
Our Hardwear Shirts, Oxford and Grandrill.
Gents Overcoats made to measure 20/- to 50/-
Ready to wear men’s youths’ and boys’ overcoats in great variety.

9 West Street, Horsham.
Our motto:” Everything right or money back” So you see its up to us to please you or shoulder the failure.

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