A Call to Arms!
4th (Home Service) Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment.
This Regiment is now being raised at Horsham to form a Reserve to the 4th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment, which has been accepted for Foreign Service. A recruit (subject to the conditions stated below) can decide whether he will enlist for Foreign or Home Service.
Term: Duration of the War or not exceeding 4 years;
Age: Foreign Service 19-35, Home Service 17 – 35; Ex Sergeants up to age of 50 years; Ex Corporals up to age of 45 years. (Height 5ft 2in; Chest 33in)
Pay: 7s per week (exclusive of board and lodging); Allowances (for upkeep of kit) 1s 2d per week.
Separation Allowances: Wife 9s per week, Wife and 1 child 10s 11d per week, Wife and 2 Children 12s 10d per week, Wife and 3 children, 14s 9d. Wife and 4 children, 16s 9d per week, Each additional child 2s per week, Each motherless child 3s per week. (A child means a boy up to 14 years and a girl up to 16 years).
Enlist at once, delay is dangerous. Apply at nearest police Station or at The Depot, The Drill Hall, Horsham.

For further particulars of this Battalion apply to: R Bewley Smith, Esq., Cocking Causeway, Midhurst, who will enlist Recruits.

Horsham Oct 1914

Printer: Price & Co. Horsham

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