RATE PAYERS OF HORSHAM Having been requested, by means of a hand bill circulated in the Town to mention “Any Town where the LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD has been established and the RATES ARE LESS than they are at HORSHAM,” I Append a LIST OF FIFTEEN PLACES of about the same Rateable Value as Horsham with the Poor Rates and District Rates Payable in those places; I have verified the figures in each case by direct application to the Local Authorities, whose replies I hold.

Rates vary from 2s 2d to 4s. (details of Poor Rates and District Rates are given for each of the fifteen towns listed).

The following places having been frequently referred to, the figures are given below:

New Shoreham, 5s 2d, Worthing 4s 11d.

The rates now being paid in Horsham are as follows and it will be seen that they do not compare advantageously with a single case I have given above.

Total Horsham Rates, 5s 9d.

Signed T W Cowan

S Price, Printer Horsham.

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