Church Rate – 3rd reply. The RATE proved to be a 'tax' only.
Concerning Church rates by dissenters but Unsigned.

"We beg to assure our fellow townsmen that, it is because of the audacity of the charges brought against us, we are compelled to trouble them with so many Papers on this subject. We were driven, either to reply, or silently submit to be placed on a level with dishonest people, rogues and thieves. For you were told that "on every principle of common honesty" we were bound to pay the 'Rate'. And that we were not "Just" except we came forward, and paid a sum equal to what we had been benefitted. Now as in conscience we cannot do either so of course in the estimation of our accuser we still remain "unjust and dishonest". That the public will judge us to be so we do not for a moment believe. They have read the discussion - they have seen our accuser declare that the 'Rate' is not a 'Tax' but a real right in the property of every Churchman and Dissenter, for that all have received an 'Allowance' to pay it in either purchase or rent. And that "Religion has nothing to do with it" !!! While we on the contrary assert that the 'Rate' is a mere 'Tax, - that no 'Allowance' whatever has been received by any one to pay it; - that formerly the Tithes were applied to repair the Church, and keep the Poor, and that both the Poor Rate and the Church Rate, were then unknown; - that, as it is a mere 'Tax', it is unjust, and unchristian to tax all religious sects to support the hierarchy.
Etc., etc. . . "

J Clarke Printer, Carfax, Horsham.

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