Notice of Result of Election; Urban District of Horsham, Election of Urban District councillors in the year 1929.
I, the undersigned, being the Returning Officer at the Election of Urban District Councillors for the said District, do hereby give notice that the Candidates at the Election whose names are entered in Column 6 of the statement hereunder opposite to the numbers entered in Column 5, have been declared duly elected Urban District Councillors.

Candidates: W Albery, 18 London road; E G Apedaile, 32 west Steet; W H Etheridge, 30 Clarence Road; A Linfield, 52 Brighton Road; F B Lowe, Rosetta, London Road; A F Lower, 46 Station Road; A Peirce, 12 Sation Road; T Redford, Coombe Dingle, Swindon road; T Street, 49 New Street; R Thornton, 100 New Street; A G Wheeler, 19 Clarence Road.

The following have been declared duly elected Urban District Councillors:
William Albery (1668), Ernest George Apedaile (1381), Albert Francis Lower (1201), Thomas Redford (1243), Alfred George Wheeler (1206).

Dated this 23rd Day of March, 1929. A Slyfield, Returning Officer

Printed and Published by The Horsham Press, 49 Park Street, Horsham

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