Urban District of Horsham proposal to provide a parking place in the Carfax, Horsham.

In pursuance of Section 68 of the Public Health Act 1925, the Council authorise the use of the south side of the roadway from a point 23 yards from the Bull Ring to a point 16 yards from North Street as a parking place for motor cars only.
The Council reserve the power to close any such parking place forming part of the street on the occasion of public processions and certain other times.
Any objections to the amendment to be sent in writing to the Clerk by Monday 13th January 1936. If a person is still aggrieved by a decision, appeal is to a Court of Petty Sessions.

Signed, A Slyfield, Clerk to the Council,
Council Offices, Horsham Park, Horsham,
11th September 1935

The Horsham Press, Printers

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