Horsham Urban District Council To the Electors

I have been urged to offer myself as Candidate for the above and after due consideration have decided to do so.
I suppose most of you will agree with me that a change in the governing body of the town is desirable; having been in business here for 26 years and possessing a large interest, the prosperity of the town is a matter of great importance to me, and I may fairly claim to know something of the needs of district.
I am entirely opposed to acquirement of Broadbridge Farm believing the land to be quite unsuitable for the purpose of irrigation. Our present system of sewage disposal can be made at very little cost to answer every purpose and I am afraid that after expending large sums of money on irrigation we should ultimately have to return to some such treatment of the sewage as we now have.
If the storm water is kept out of the main drain I believe that the ordinary flow can be efficiently dealt with at our Sewage Works.
There are several other matters requiring attention, which in an address of this sort is almost impossible to enumerate, suffice to say that if elected I shall do my utmost to put town in sound sanitary condition.
The voting will take place at the Town Hall on Monday 17th December, and I trust to secure a share of your support.
Believe me, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours Very Sincerely, Thos. Brett.

J R Tydeman, Printer, 6 East Street, Horsham

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