Notice of result of Election - Horsham Union - Guardians for the above Union in the year 1922, Parish of Horsham.
I, the undersigned, being the Deputy Returning Officer at the Election ofGuardians for the said Parish, do hereby give notice that the Candidates at the Election whose names are entered in Column 6 of the statement hereunder opposite to the numbers entered in Column 5, have been declared duly elected Guardians.

Candidates: H. A. Chester, Highfield, Warnham Road; E. C. Hawes, Bedford Lodge Rusper road; J.J. Riley, Horsham Lodge, Rusper Road; E. E. Smithe, Kimberely; T. Street, 49 New Street; O. F. Webster, Oakview, Rusper Road; W. E. Whiting, 43, Crawley Road.

The following have been declared duly elected:
Hilda Anna Chester (1023), Edward Colin Hawes (1018), Julien James Riley (1278), Edith Ellen Smithe (892), Oscar Frank Webster 1183).

The following were not elected: Thomas Street (203), Willliam Edward Whiting (426)

Dated 3 April 1922, A Slyfield Deputy Returning Officer.

Horsham Press, Printers

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