To the electors of the Horsham Urban District Council
Ladies and Gentlemen,
At the request of many ratepayers I have consented to offer myself as a Candidate at the forthcoming Election.
As my present and future prospects are so closely connected with the welfare of the town, you may rely on my best endeavours to promote the interests of the Ratepayers.
I am not in favour of purchasing Broadbridge Farm for the purpose of Sewage Disposal, as I think our present system can be made to answer all practical requirements by a small additional outlay, and thereby save many thousands of pounds of the Ratepayers’ money.
I offer myself as an Independent Candidate as I consider the allying oneself with a number of others has the effect of biasing independent judgement to a certain extent.
Having a great aversion to canvassing I trust you will not consider it to be a matter of indifference on my part if I do not call and solicit your vote, but I shall feel obliged if you will make an effort on the polling day to record a vote in my favour.

I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Obedient Servant, Henry John Churchman

J R Tydeman, Printer, 6 East Street, Horsham


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