Electors of Horsham Beware of Misrepresentations. (See also 2001.811.10)
Having just read a handbill stating that I have been “Sent for by the Party (meaning Mr Broadwood’s Friends) opposed to Mr Hurst’s Election for the express purpose of diminishing the Great Majority he has been so successful in obtaining,” by which it is intended to insinuate that I seek to injure the cause I profess to advocate, I hasten to declare to you most solemnly that the whole of that Statement is a Mean and Malignant Falsehood!”
Gentlemen, I respectfully request you to meet me this Evening at the Anchor Inn at 7 o’clock, where I challenge the author of that handbill to come forward and support his assertions or submit to the imputation of having deliberately attempted to impose upon and mislead you.

I have the honor to remain, Gentlemen, Your faithful and obedient Servant,
C Chadwicke Jones

Horsham December 22nd 1834

Hunt, Printer, Horsham

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