Political Squib: Fitskin O’Fizgig’s Circus
Fit-Skin O’Fizgig begs to apologize to the Public for the gross and unwarrantable Mistake made by the Printer, by inserting in his Programme the names of his opponent and his Supporters instead of those of Himself and Party The Language being so extremely elegant throughout, he is fearful lest his Opponent should lay claim to that literary Performance and therefore thinks he is but discharging his duty to the Public by placing the whole Affair in its proper light. He moreover begs to state that being at the time ridden by “the Blue Devils” he omitted to make any allusion to the following performances.
Fit-Skin O’Fizgig has engaged at An Enormous expense “Regular” and “Hal” the Consiprators at the Hurst Arms in the intended Pocket Borough of Mash Tub O’Figdrum. Etc. Etc.
Song by Fit-Skin O’Fizgig.

J Clarke, Jun, Printer.

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