Horsham Election. Extract from Mr Fitzgerald’s 3rd address published on 11th May, a Paragraph omitted in his 2nd address published on the 10th.
“I shall be ready to support an amended Poor Law for Ireland, and am willing to accept in its Integrity the Law, which, when humanely administered, has been productive of so much Benefit in this Country”
Or in plain words,
I approve the mutilations in the Irish Poor Law Bill proposed by Lords Stanley and Monteagle in the House of Lords, the Effect of which would be to exempt the Irish Landlords from the payment of any part of the Poor Rates and to throw the whole Cost of maintaining the Poor People in Ireland upon the already overburdened (and in many cases starving) Tenants of the Soil, and to reduce the well-conceived Measures of the Queens’ Government, for the permanent Relief of the distressed, and destitute Classes in that unhappy Country, to a mere temporary Expedient.

Horsham 12th May 1847

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