County of West Sussex
Public Notice
Defence of the Realm (Consolidation) Regulations, 1914
Article 9 of the Order made by the Secretary of State on the 8th April 1915, under Regulation 11 of the Defence of the Realm Regulations reads as follows:
“Every person who shall cause or permit any vehicle during the period to which this Order applies, to travel in any street, highway or road to which the public have access shall provide such vehicle with a lamp or lamps in proper working order and so constructed and capable of being so attached as when lighted to display to the rear a red light visible for a reasonable distance; and every person driving or being in charge of any such vehicle during such period as aforesaid shall keep such lamp or lamps properly trimmed, lighted and attached. “ “For the purpose of this Order the word “Vehicle” shall include any bicycle, tricycle, or velocipede”.
A lamp displaying to the rear a red light must be attached to any bicycle, tricycle or velocipede by every person being in charge of the same whilst travelling in any street, highway or road to which the public have access in the County of West Sussex, during the period from one hour after sunset till one hour before sunrise.

Horace Ellis, Acting Chief Constable of West Sussex
Chief Constable’s Office, Horsham – 28th September 1915.

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