County of West Sussex – Public Notice - Defence of the Realm (Consolidation) Regulations, 1914.
Article 1 of the Order made by the Secretary of State on the 8th April 1915 under Regulation 11 of the Defence of the Realm Regulations for the reduction of lighting reads as follows: “All lights, whether public or private, which, if unobscured, would be visible from the sea or from the navigable waters of any estuary, shall be extinguished, or, in the case of indoor lights, obscured so as to be invisible from outside”.
The above Article refers to all lights, including those carried on Motor Cars, Motor Cycles, Cycles and vehicles of every description which would be visible from the sea or the navigable waters of any estuary in the County of West Sussex.

Horace Ellis, Acting Chief Constable of West Sussex. Chief constable’s Office, Horsham, 28th September, 1915.

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