County of West Sussex
Alien Registration (Consolidation) Order, 1914.
Notice is hereby given that under the Provisions of the above Order the Administrative County of West Sussex is a Prohibited Area.
1. Enemy Aliens are prohibited from residing in West Sussex without a Permit from the Chief Constable.
2. Aliens of whatever nationality are required to register with the police, and to notify to the police intended changes of residence.
3. Aliens of whatever nationality must not, without special permission of the Chief constable, enter West Sussex unless they are in possession of passports issued to them not more than two years previously by or on behalf of the governments of the countries of which they are subjects or citizens, or some other documents satisfactorily establishing their nationality or identity, to which passports or documents there must be attached photographs of the aliens duly stamped or otherwise authenticated.
4. Every Householder is required to give notice of the presence of an alien in his household to the Police.

The requirements of the Order will henceforth be strictly enforced by prosecutions.
A S Williams, Chief Constable of West Sussex
Chief Constable’s Office, Horsham
25th May 1915
Penalty (for not registering, &c): A fine of £100 or imprisonment for six months.

Price & Co Printers, Horsham

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