Address by “another elector” to the Electors of the Borough of Horsham, against Mr Hurst and promoting the cause of Mr Broadwood in the interests of a free democracy.

To the Electors of the Borough of Horsham
Brother Electors,
An Address, subscribed “an elector” and Printed in Hatton Garden, London, has made its appearance, in which you are asked, “if you discarded your present Member and elect a Tory, supported by the Interest of a certain Noble Duke, wherein you will be better yourselves?” – What Tory? Mr Broadwood is no Tory – His Principles are as liberal as those of your present Member – He may not profess so much, but He is incapable of deceiving you, or attempting to bias you unfairly – He has not (as this Address falsely asserts) been put or dragged forward by an “intimidating Union” nor will He, if chosen to represent you in Parliament, owe his Return to weight, interest, and influence of any Person, save the FREE and INDEPENDENT Electors of Horsham. It is no longer a question of “freedom or Slavery” in this BOROUGH – the GLORIOUS REFORM BILL has forever conferred on the Electors of Horsham the power of Freely choosing their Representative.

Etc, etc. . . .


Hunt, Printer, Horsham (1835)

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