Church Rates!!

The following is a copy of Petitions for the abolition of Church Rates now lying for Signatures, at Mr James Agate’s, Mr William Laker’s and Mr James Pollard’s.
Horsham, February 18th, 1837.

“To the Honorable the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in Parliament assembled ”
“The Humble Petition of Protestant Dissenters, belonging to the Congregation meeting for religious Worship in the Town of Horsham, in the County of Susssex, and of other Inhabitants of the said Town”

“That your Petitioners consider the present exaction of Church Rates from Dissenters is Unjust because that every religious Denomination is morally and justly bound to support the entire expense of its own religious Worship; Unscriptural because it violates that sacred and supreme command of holy Writ which requires us to do unto all men as we would that they should do unto us; Unnecessary, because the Church of England possesses the most ample revenues and abundant means for maintaining its own Services and worship without re-sorting to any compulsory support from those who conscientiously dissent from its Doctrines and Forms of Worship.”
“Your Petitioners therefore earnestly and respectfully entreat your Honorable House, to remove and abolish without any sort of commutation the present vexations and degrading system of compelling one portion of His Majesty’s Subjects to maintain the religious Worship of another, as being inconsistent with the Rights of Conscience and the proper exercise of Religious Liberty.
“And Your Petitioners will ever pray, &c, &c."

Philpott, Printer, North Street, Horsham.

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