To the Churchwardens of the Parish of Horsham.
We, the Under-signed, being Surveyors of the Parish of Horsham, do hereby request you to convene at Meeting of the Rate-Payers to take into consideration the plan proposed by the Trustees of the Brighton turnpike Road, as regards the repairing of about four hundred yards, that is, as far as the Tanyard, instead of a Toll-bar being placed at the end of the Road leading to Doomsday Green. Joseph Vaus, William Foreman, John Peters.

In compliance with the above requisition, we hereby appoint a Meeting of the Rate-Payers of the Parish of Horsham, to take place at the Vestry Room, on Thursday, the 5th day of June next, at Three o’clock in the afternoon, for the said purpose.

Also to take into consideration the appropriation of Pews, or Sitting-places, on application being made by the Parishoners to the Churchwardens for accommodation in the Parish Church.
John Thorpe, Thomas Lee, Charles Aldridge, Church Wardens.
Horsham May 27th 1851.

Kennett and Breads, Printers and Bookbinders, West Street, Horsham.

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