Assembly Rooms, King’s Head Hotel, Horsham

Three nights only Thursday – Saturday April 22-24 Miss Sarah Thorne and a powerful new company. On Thursday evening, April 22nd, the performance will commence with the beautiful play in five acts “Love’s Sacrifice”. To conclude with the farce “The Lottery Ticket”.
On Friday 23rd April a comedy in three acts “The Wonder”, or A woman keeps a Secret!
After the Comedy, Miss Sarah Thorne will read Tennyson’s Lady Clare, and (Edwin) Waugh’s “Come Whoam to Thy Childer An’ Me” To conclude with the drama (founded on Tennyson’s “Enoch Arden”), “The Home Wrecker”
On Saturday 24th April, “The Son of the Wilderness” with Mr G F MacDonogh and Miss Sarah Thorne; to conclude with the Burlesque “Brown and the Brahmins” – all the original songs and dances.
Admission: A few reserved seats 3s, second seats 2s, third seats 1s, Tickets and seats secured at Mr Price’s Stationer, West Street
Doors open at 7, to commence at 7.30 precisely; terminate at 10.45

S Price, Printer, West Street, Horsham

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