Parish of Horsham - Employment of the Poo[r].
At a meeting of the inhabitants at the King’s Head Inn, on Thursday 19th September 1833 to consider upon the expediency of adopting the Plan pursued last Winter for providing Employment of the Poor.
Present: Robert Henry Hurst Esq, MP., in the Chair, Rev H W Simpson, Vicar
Messrs. Thomas Lee, James Potter, John Peters, John Stone, John Pollard, William Sharp, John Lintott, Nathan Blake, Samuel Rowland, T R Warner, William Aldridge, Samuel Pollard, William Sheppard, William Smart, Richard Bourn, Edmund Etherton, James Hammond Philip Hewell, Charles Burstow, William Laker and Alexander Burfoot.
Resolved unanimously: That it appears to this Meeting expedient that the system pursued last winter for keeping the poor employed, be renewed for three months next ensuing.
That Town and Country Committees be immediately formed and that Mr Samuel Rowland be requested to undertake the formation of the Town Committee, and Mr Lee that of the Country Committee.
That these resolutions be circulated throughout the Parish.
Signed, Robert Henry Hurst, Chairman
The System above referred to is that two thirds of the unemployed poor shall be apportioned to the Country Committee and the remaining one third to the Town committee, who severally undertake to provide employment for them, without resorting to the Parochial Funds; provided they meet with the encouragement and assistance of the ratepayers at large. The advantages to be derived by pursuing the above plan are shewn in the following statement:
Cash paid out of the Poor rates to the unemployed poor for 3 months before the Committees from Nov 1832 – Feb 1833 £255. 15s 10d. Ditto subsequent to same from Feb to April 1833 £6 8s 6d; From April to August 1933 £17 18s 2½d

Hunt, Printer, Horsham

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