Borough of Horsham
The Bailiffs f this Borough do hereby Inform the Gentlemen Farmers and others frequenting the Market of the said Borough, that they have procured a Brass Winchester Bushel, properly Scaled and Affixed by the Stander in his Majesty's Exchequer, with an Indenture authenticating the same from the Lords Commissioners and Chamberlain of the Treasury, which they have deposited with the Richard Collins the Clerk of the said Market, to whom all persons are forthwith to apply and have their Bushels sealed according to the Statute made in the 22nd year of the Reign of King Charles the II.
And in order that all persons may have full time to provide themselves with Eight Gallon Bushels according to the said Standard Winchester Bushel, it is thought expedient not to enforce the Laws on this subject till the 1st day of January 1793, from after which time, it is recommended to all Farmers and Dealers in Corn to be particularly careful to buy and sell by the Winchester Bushel only (stricken even by the wood or brim with Round Strike) by the sick containing no more than forty such Bushels; which mode will tend to prevent Fraud, establish uniformity of Measure, and in the highest degree promote the public good.
And the Bailiffs do hereby give notice, that from and after the said 1st day of January next, they will prosecute all persons offending against any of the Statutes made and now in force for regulating the buying and selling of corn.
Dated this 29th day of November 1792.
Robert Hurst, John Pilfolrd - Bailiffs.

Langley, printers, stationer and bookseller, Dorking

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