£5 Reward
Whereas some Person, or Persons, did, on Tuesday night or early on Wednesday morning last, unlawfully and maliciously cut, break, throw down or otherwise injure or destroy certain Gates (2 in number) or part thereof situate and standing upon the Farm and Premises of Mr Matthias Cane, at Flanchford, in the Parish of Reigate, Surrey, and did divers other malicious injuries to the Property of the said Matthias Cane:
This is to give Notice, that whosoever will give such Information and Evidence as shall lead to the conviction of the Offender or Offenders, in either of the above cases, shall receive a reward of One Pound from the Leigh Prosecuting Association, and a further reward of four pounds from the said Matthias Cane.

John Dendy Sadler, Dorking. Secretary of the above Association.
May 8th, 1845.

W S Clarke, Printer, Dorking.

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