County of West Sussex “Defence of the Realm” . Order as to Lights made by the Secretary of State, dated 15th December 1915 which comes into operation on 10th January 1916.

The order is made for the protection of the public and their property. Past experience from lights improperly protected has given the enemy information as to the situation of a town and enabled them to effect considerable damage. Unprotected lights may nullify the work of protection undertaken by those who comply with the Order. It is therefore most important that the Order should be strictly carried out and it will be strictly enforced by the Police.

Para 2 – Public Lights – At corners and points where necessary for safety of traffic
Para 3 - Lighting of Shops – To be subdued light and shaded from the street
Para 4 – Lights in Houses – Hotels, Flats and Houses etc., inside lights must be shaded or windows shuttered so that subdued light only is visible outside.
Copies of this circular should be in the hands of all responsible for lights and can be obtained free of cost from any police station in the County. A copy of the Lighting Order can be obtained from any Bookseller at a very small cost.
Horace Ellis, Deputy Chief Constable for the County of West Sussex
Chief Constable’s Office
Horsham, 10th January 1916

F J Parsons Ltd., County printers, Lewes and Hastings

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