Intoxicating Liquor (Temporary Restriction) Act 1914
Notice is hereby given that the Licensing Justices for the Licensing District of Lower Bramber, in pursuance of the powers conferred upon them by Section I of the above Act, have, at a special meeting held this day at the Town Hall, Horsham, made the following order, viz:-
That the order made on 26th of October suspending the sale or consumption of intoxicating liquor on the premises of licensed retailers and registered clubs (except to or by members of such clubs) in the Urban District of Horsham and on the Premises of the Norfolk Arms Roffey, from 9.30 pm each day shall continue to 31st December next except by Special Order.
Failure to comply will carry a fine of £50.
Dated 28th November 1914.
By Order of the Licensing Justices, Alfred W Rawlison, Clerk to the said Licensing Justices

Price and Co, Printers, Horsham

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