Extract from the Morning Chronicle of Wednesday 23rd Inst. 1841. Extract from the Morning Chronicle of Wednesday 23rd inst.
The Tories have at length managed to obtain a Candidate in the person of the Honorable Robert Campbell Scarlett, who in a former Parliament, represented the immaculate city of Norwich, as an “out and out” Tory, and who was unseated by Petition after the last election. “Master Bob” as he was familiarly known in Sussex, before his father turned to what Sir James Graham called “A renegade Whig” has been upon the Shuffle at Horsham. At Norwich he was a red hot Tory, at Horsham he holds, he says “Whig principles”. His real principles will be best learnt from his votes; he voted against Mr Abercromby as Speaker, against a repeal of the Malt Duties, against the application of the surplus revenues of the Irish Church to purposes of Education, against granting £35,000 for education in Ireland and against enquiry into the doings of the Orange Lodges. "Master Bob" has lately managed to get a snug berth under his father, on the Equity side of the Court of Exchequer, and when the place was proposed to be abolished as useless, the Horsham men will not fail to recollect that "Master Bob's" friend Sir W. Follett, moved a vote of compensation to him out of the hard earnings of the people for doing nothing. This will render him the "dear" candidate, and his vote upon the Malt-tax will delight the farmers of Horsham as much as his eloquence did the freemen of Norwich. The people of the east rejected him and the men of the south will send him back to his papa.

John Clarke, Printer, Horsham.

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