A Handbill having been circulated, headed “Falsehood Contradicted” in which a Declaration of mine has been made the ground whereon a “Certain Person” is accused of shameful falsehood:

I think it but an act of Justice to that Certain Person, whoever he may be, and to myself, to state what passed between Messrs. Honywood and myself relative to the late election, that it may be seen in what sense my Declaration was made.

“On the 24th December last I casually met Messrs Thomas and John Honywood near the British School............”

On the 16th Instant, Mr John Honywood called on me and asked if I had caused the libel on him and his brothers to be printed; I told him that it certainly was printed without my knowledge or consent, and that I was vexed it had been so - he then requested me to say it was false, but I told him I could not do that, he must put the falsehoods to it himself – he then said I could not say it was a true statement of what passed, for they said nothing about depriving me of my situation – I then observed that I told every one who asked me about it that the printed statement was not quite correct, and by saying so I meant that the words printed in the handbill were not the words used to me, and so far not a correct statement of what transpired 0- he then said “Well will you say so on the back of the bill, and that will free you from all responsibility, for we mean to trace it out, and Mr Padwick wished to send you a letter but I thought it would be better to see you first.” After some hesitation I wrote what it seems has been so industriously circulated as a flat contradiction to the original statement, which I never meant it to be.

William Pirie.
Horsham January 21st 1835.

Hunt, Printer, Horsham

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