6 Reasons for voting for Major Lord Winterton, the coalition Candidate.
1. Because he supports Mr Lloyd George, Mr Bonar Law and the Coalition Government who provided the means to win the war.
2. Because he stands for stern peace terms to be imposed upon Germany, which will include: trial of the Kaiser; full repayment by Germany for the damage which she has done to the Allied interests, and a war indemnity to compensate Allies.; punishment of those Germans who tortured our prisoners and drowned our women and children.; the return of interred enemy Aliens to their own country; no free entry for present enemy Aliens even after peace is signed.
3. Because he supports the policy of pensions for all disabled soldiers and sailors on a scale that will keep them in comfort and the policy of providing means for discharged soldiers and sailors to obtain land and houses and to earn a decent living.
4. Because he is a Sussex man, lives in Sussex and has been a Member for a Sussex Constituency for 14 years.
5. Because he was mobilised with the Army on the outbreak of war and served over three years as a combatant Officer on the Eastern Front.
6. Because he stands for Britain for the British.

Vote for Winterton, and a smashing peace victory.

Printed and Published at the offices of the “West Susssex County Times”
15 Market Square, Horsham


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