Geographical Lessons – The British Empire

When the Romans first landed in Britain it was inhabited by 17 different nations or tribes. After the Romans became masters of England, they divided it into five great Provinces. When the Saxons had established themselves in this country they divided it into seven unequal parts, called Kingdoms, generally stiled the Saxon Heptarchy; each king or leader appropriating to himself the parts he had subdued. It was divided into Shires by Alfred the Great, but since the Norman Conquest, this division into Shires, has been denominated Counties, from having been governed by an Ealderman, a dignity corresponding with the Latin word Comes or in English Count, and which is the same as the Danish title Earl.
Alfred also divided the Shires or counties into Hundreds or Districts, each containing hundred houses, and the Hundreds he divided into Tithings, or tenths, each containing ten houses, and smaller collections of houses than ten he denominated Hamlets.
England has but few mountains, and these are chiefly in the north. The principal are the Wolds, in Yorkshire; the Endle, in Lancashire; the Peak, in Derbyshire; the Cheviot Hills on the borders of Scotland; the Malvern Hills in Worcesterhire; the Wrekin in Shropshire; and the Mendip Hills in Somersetshire.

J Philpot, Printer, Horsham May be had of Harvey and Darton


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