Address of the Committee of the Peace Society to the Electors of Great Britain and Ireland, January 1910.

Fellow countrymen,
As representing a body of citizens interested in the preservation and promotion of International Peace, we venture to make a very earnest appeal at this juncture.
It is simple history that the agitation which has resulted in the present political crisis began with a naval scare, manufactured chiefly by certain portion of the Press, and with an endeavour to stir up national feeling against a neighbouring friendly people.
The course of political agitation is still marked by the continuance of the same tactics, accompanied by proposals as to naval expenditure which simply make us stand aghast.
Against all this we urgently protest.

Etc. etc. . . .

It is abundantly evident that the influence of justice and equitable dealing is more potent in maintaining international peace than any array of armaments; whereas an increase of armaments only tends to create international distrust, suspicion, unfriendliness and ultimately, in all probability, War.

Etc. etc. . .

We are, on behalf of the Executive,
Robert Spence Watson, President
Walter Hazell, Treasurer and Chairman of committee
W Evans Darby, Secretary

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