Address in support of Mr Hurst headed ” To the Person who styles himself “Dick on the right side”,

Do you think that a working-man’s word is not as good as yours? Or would you go back three or four years and call us “Boors,” the same as the Conservatives did in 1866, and now in ’68 come and shake hands with us, - mind, we that were, “boors” two or three years ago? Now they will tell us that we are all enlightened men and say, “Should you not have a voice as well as I?” And when you “Dick” say that the Liberals sent their bills only to the new voters you make a false statement. If you will take the trouble to walk down West street you will see several of them in the shop window, and they contain facts you cannot deny. I will refer you to Mr. Childer’s speech, reported in last Saturday’s newspapers.

Etc, etc . . .

Respectfully, Geo Barton, Alias “Garibaldi”.

P.S. – When you send out bills again “Dick”, please send them on a week-day and not on a Sunday morning when we are preparing to go to a place of worship.


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