“On the Brazen Blues” Political Poem

Why quoth a clown, in Horsham town,
Does a Blue Belle* appear,
With twice six children great and small,
That all the town may see her?

Because (tis true) since dressed in blue,
And tramping through the streets
She thinks she’l catch both Tom and Will
And all the clowns she meets.

Hark then good people great and small,
T’is Howard not the Pope,
Cry Howard then, and roar, and ball
Oh! what a smell of soap.

To T-l-Gate House, creep like a mouse
The heaviest scale will sink
For Howard comes with fifes and drums,
To change those Blues to Pink.

*A Blue Belle a loving woman who carries legs of mutton in her carriage for bribing plumpers.”

Phillips, Printer, Horsham


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