“The Sussex Amphion and his Millennial Congregation”

Song and chorus re church rates

Amphion sings:- It is no “hum”
The blessed Thousand Years are come,
And we within these walls, today;
We are the witnesses they slay.

Etc. etc……

Chorus of the whole Congregation

"Then up ye sage Wardens! exert all your cunning;
In our pockets his vacuous cylinder thrust,
And let poor Mother Church rate, assisted by gunning
Hold the nethermost end! – is it present – our “dust”

How the Landlord of John’s Store pays the Church Rate of the House John lives in:-

“Thou shalt not steal,” O Gin –shop man!
Says John to Tom. Tom says I can;
I’ll have more Rent, this tent to heal –
I’ll pay the Rate. Thou shalt not Steele”

(Date obatum Bolisario)

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