Horsham Urban District Council, Public Health Act 1925 (Section 68)
Amendment of regulations for the Street Parking of Vehicles in the undermentioned Street Car Parks:

Barttelot Road, Victoria Terrace, (East Street). Market Square, Grandford Road, South Street, Linden Road, Carfax (south side). Notice that the Council propose to revoke Regulation 6 which provides that “A motor car shall not be parked for a longer period than three hours at any parking place on any one day” and the Council propose to substitute in its place “A light car may be parked at one or more of the above mentioned parking places on any one day provided that the time the car occupies one or more of the parking places does not exceed in total a period of three hours on any one day”.
The latest date for objections to the proposal is 1 November 1937. Appeals after the decision may be made within 21 days to a Petty Sessional Court.

A Syfield, Clerk to the Council, Council Offices, Horsham, Park, 30th September 1937

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