Important Recruiting Meeting for the Second Southdown Battalion Royal Sussex Regt. For Sussex Men On Thursday, Nov. 12th, 1914, in the Carfax, Horsham at 7pm.
The following Recruiting Officers will speak;
Capt. The Hon. R. Grosvenor, Capt. F. Hughes, Capt. The Hon. N. Lytton, Private Whitley.

The First Battalion of the Southwater Regiment having proved so great a success Lord Kitchener has asked Leuit-Colonel Lowther to raise a Second Battalion for the Defence of the Country.
They will do their training in this County at Cooden Hill, 2 miles from . . and it is hoped that men of recruiting age will realise what their brothers at . . . Front are doing for them and that they will come forward to help them.

Chairman: E.I. Bostock, Esq., J.
God Save the King

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