Disabled Sailors and Soldiers – What Every Man Should know

- he can get the fullest information as to what can be done for him from his War Pensions Local Committee
- the address of the Committee can be obtained at the Post Office nearest his home
- the Local Committee are not distributing charitable funds, but funds provided by the State
- Every man disabled by War Service has a right to a pension or gratuity
- He has a right to the most careful and effective treatment obtainable
- If he require an artificial limb, it will be supplied and maintained in good order, free of charge
- If his disability prevents him from returning to his old trade he will receive free training for a a new one.
- In fixing a man’s minimum pension, no account is taken of his earnings, and that unless he claims a pension based on his former earnings, no account is taken of his earning capacity.
- No minimum pension will be reduced because a man has accepted training.
- While he is being trained he will receive additions to his pension for the support of himself and his family
- Neither treatment nor training will cost him a penny.
- His Local Committee will help him to find employment.
- His Local Committee will look after him if he suffers from illness at any time as a result of his service.
- If he is in any doubt or difficulty, or thinks he has not got his proper pension, his Local committee will take up his case and help him.

That he Must Tell His local Committee what he Wants



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