Horsham Amalgamated Friendly Societies’ Hospital Sunday Fund.
The Annual Church Parade of Friendly Societies in aid of the above fund will be held on Sunday, July 16th, 1905, when the members will assemble on the Carfax at 2.30 sharp, and parade the principal streets, headed by the Horsham Town Prize Band and the Recreation Silver Band and proceed to S. Mary’s Parish Church, service to commence at 3.30pm
The Horsham Town Prize Band have kindly consented to play the hymn tunes in church.
The collections will be in aid of the Sussex County Hospital and the Horsham Cottage Hospital. There will also be collections at Rehoboth Chapel, Jireh Chapel, and Roman Catholic Church on that day, and Free Christian Church on July 30th.

The Recreation Silver Band have kindly consented to give an Evening ?(missing), the date of which will be published by programme.
?(missing) call upon all to assist them by their contributions to further the above desirable objects.
Alfred Pullen, Hon. Sec., 51, West Street

J R Tydeman, Printer, 17 North Street, Horsham

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