To the Independent Electors of the Borough of Horsham
On the occasion of my offering myself as a candidate to represent you in Parliament, you are entitled to demand a clear exposition of my political principles.
Believing that the present election has been rendered necessary by a Coalition in the House of Commons of men of the most opposite opinions, for the common purpose of depriving the country of Lord Palmerston’s services I beg to say, that, if elected I shall give to his government my best independent support. I consider the country largely indebted to the present Administration for successful and honourable extraction from a war which had assumed a disastrous aspect; and I believe the same vigorous and manly policy will very shortly restore to us a permanent peace. It is more than probable that if Lord Palmerston had been earlier in power, the Russian War would never have taken place; and the present difficulties with China might have been altogether prevented by a timely enforcement of the treaty of 1812 by his predecessors.
Etc., etc. . . .
Your Faithful Servant, James Scott, prospective candidate and Deputy Chairman of Brighton Railway Company
Brighton, 9 March 1857

Richard Laker, Printer and Bookbinder, Middle Street, Horsham

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