I wish from my heart MEDIATOR I could bestow on you those encomiums with which you have so politely graced your friend Philo, but indeed I cannot; on the contrary I will venture to assert, that your address is considered by every man of sense and candour (whether a supporter of Fuller of Sergison) an unmeaning and frivolous production; too much so, I am afraid, to be noticed by the worthy D-----r, at whom you principally level your shallow wit; but it is fortunate for yourself, Mediator, that your Address is so harmless and inoffensive, for had it been more invective and stimulating it might have excited indignation instead of ridicule, which if resented with the pen, you are very unable to stand the test of; your language is as unexpressive (if I know you) as your own countenance; retire then, before it be too late, by the advice of a friend, and never, never, more appear in the shape of a public writer, for as such you will never shine!

Etc., etc., . . .

June 9, 1807
Seagrave Printer.

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