To the Independent Electors of the Borough of Horsham


As a short time only will elapse before the dissolution of Parliament, I take the earliest opportunity of announcing to you, that it is my intention again to solicit at your hands the Honorable [sic.] Trust, which, five years ago, you committed to me, of representing you in the House of Commons.

I have endeavoured, during that period, to pursue an independent course, without reference to party considerations, and to maintain those Principles of Civil and Religious Liberty, which I have always professed. It is impossible that, in the votes I have given, I could be found always to coincide in opinion with all of those who have done me the honor [sic.] to support me; but, in giving those votes, I have had but on object in view, to support, without fear or favor [sic.], what I believed, on mature reflection, to be for the advantage of the country. Etc. etc.

Your obliged and faithful Servant, WM. R. SEYMOUR V. FITZGERALD.
Holbrook, March 9, 1857.

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