Horsham Urban District Council Election – 27th March, 1926

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I beg to ask for your vote and support at the Election of Representatives to the above Council which takes place on Saturday the 27th March.

Although I was not successful last year, the measure of support I then received and the requests to stand again which have recently been made to me, have induced me to offer myself as a Candidate at this Election. It is not my desire to try to displace any of the retiring Councillors, but as there are two vacancies owing to the regretted death of Mr J.J. Riley and the retirement of Mr. H.C. Hunt – both of whom have rendered splendid service for many years – I trust you will give me one of your six votes.

&c &c

Yours faithfully,
Oakhill house, Horsham,
16th March, 1926.

Printed and Published by The Horsham Press, Park Street.

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