Horsham Urban District Council Election POLLING DAY: SATURDAY, MARCH 24th, 1934

29, North Street, Horsham, March, 1934

For the third time, I am putting my name forward as a Candidate for the coming Election of Members for the Horsham Urban District Council.
During the past six years of my service, large schemes, such as Drainage, Water Supply and Sewage Disposal have been inaugurated, and are now practically finished, with, I may say, very moderate additions to the rates,
In the immediate future I see no reason to anticipate any large expenditures, but economy in working is essential and can, I think, be made to go hand-in-hand with efficiency.
Working on these lines, I venture to ask you for your vote and, if elected, shall do my best for the welfare of Horsham.

Yours faithfully,

Printed and Published by Fred Holmes, 17, North Street, Horsham – Phone 190