To the Editor of the Brighton Herald.

As my name has been introduced to the notice of the Public in a pretended account of this Election, inserted in your Paper of the 17th instant, as furnished from a Correspondent, and as many of the assumed Facts in that account are within my own knowledge Inventions and Mis-statements, I claim from you the opportunity of submitting in reply a plain Statement of the Facts themselves, with an Exposition of the Mis-statements of which I complain, alluded to, or detailed by the account in question, and I trust to your Impartiality as a Journalist to extend to my Claim that Courtesy which would seem to be due from you under all the circumstances.

Etc., etc., ...

I am, Sir, Your Obedient Servant, Pilfold Medwin
24th January 1835

Hunt, Printer, Horsham

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