Worthing Petty Sessional Division Emergency Committee
Regulations to be observed in the event of a landing by the enemy on the coast.

It is thought advisable to issue instructions to the Civil Population as to the course which they ought to follow should any landing of the enemy be made on our shore. That such a landing should take place is most improbable but it is well that all necessary steps should be taken to make ready for it should it be seriously threatened.
When "A state of Emergency" is declared by the competent Military Authority:
1. The population in outlying and solitary houses are strongly advised to come into towns and large villages. . . Those not already allotted duties, who wish to leave the district, should do so at once avoiding the main roads. Those remaining in the area must understand they will likely suffer from a food shortage, as live stock etc. will be removed inland or destroyed and what supplies remain will be seized or requisitioned by the enemy.
2. In the event of an attack from sea or air people are advised to remain in their houses and where possible in cellars or basements. Unexploded shells or bombs should not be touched as they may burst if moved. The Military Authorities or Police should be told where they are. No person except those on duty should remain out of doors.
3.All horses, carts, carriages and other means of transport and cattle and sheep must be driven off in the direction and by the . . . already arranged. The drivers will be allowed to take family in carts and should bring blankets and four days rations.
4.All unallotted motor cars and motor cycles must be loaded up with spare parts, petrol &c., and be driven away at least 10 miles from the coast.
5. All livestock which cannot be moved and all pigs and poultry must be killed. This should be done without a knife so that they may soon become unfit for human food.
6. Any motor cars, carriages, or carts, which cannot be moved, must be rendered unfit for use; motors by removing carburettor, magneto . . . induction pipe, other vehicles by removal and destruction of the wheels.
7.On receipt of warning of impending attack by aircraft or bombardment a signal will be given to the inhabitant by the sounding of a Siren at the Worthing Electric Light Works. A series of Short Blasts will indicate aircraft. A prolonged blast, raid or bombardment.

The object of these regulations is to remove, in the event of a landing being effected, anything which may be of use or assistance [to] the enemy.

Arthur Henty, Chairman of Worthing Petty Sessional Division Emergency Committee
March 1915

Price & Co, Printer, Horsham

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