Collier's Free School.
Important to Working Men.

A public meeting will be held at the Albion Assembly Room, on Tuesday, March 10, 1885, for the purpose of considering the present scheme of the charity commissioners - with view to its amendment in favour of retaining the original number of free scholarships as provided in the founders will.
The Chair will be taken by R. H. Hurst Esq. at eight o'clock.
The meeting will be addressed by Revs. H. B. Ottley; Rev. Hudson Shaw; Rev. Taylor; W. Lintott, Esq.; E.I Bostosck, Esq.; Messrs H Churchman, J Ward, J Green field and others; and by Richd. Harris, Esq., (Barrister-at-law).

The platform will be open to all gentlemen interested in the school.
On behalf of the Free School Defence Association, J. Ward, Hon. Sec.

J. Cheverton, Printer, . . . Horsham

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