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 Poster Design and technology 

Introduction Presentation (PDF)Introduction presentation - image only (PDF)
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Introduction presentation (PDF)
Presentation Notes (PDF
Introduction presentation (PDF)
Activity Timeline (PDF)Activity Flag Day (PDF) Activity Women at War (PDF)Activity - perk up a poster (PDF)
Worksheet 3 - Printing (PDF)Worksheet 1 - War Work (PDF) Worksheet 1 - Evacuation (PDF)Worksheet 1 - Printing Posters (PDF)
Worksheet 4 - Transport (PDF)Worksheet 2 - Propaganda (PDF) Worksheet 2 - the War came home (PDF) 
Explore the Archive (PDF)Worksheet 3 - Rationing (PDF) Worksheet 3 - Horsham's Spitfire (PDF)Teacher's Notes (PDF)
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 Teacher's Notes (PDF)  
   Teacher's Notes (PDF)