WWI: Home Front Horsham
Poster Design and Technology
 Exercise: Conscription (PDF)Introduction Presentation on Political Reform (PDF)
Introduction presentation Notes (PDF)
 Activity - perk up a poster (PDF)
This exercise is aimed at KS1-2 but can be adapted for KS3 
 Exercise: Rationing and Salvage (PDF)Exercise - Corrupt Campaigns (PDF) 
 Exercise: Propaganda (PDF)Exercise - Women's Suffrage (PDF) 
 Exercise: Remembrance (PDF)
 Teacher's Notes (PDF)Teacher's Notes (PDF) 
 Road to War (PDF)Using the collection (PDF) 
 Recruitment and Conscription (PDF)Key dates (PDF) 
 Women at War (PDF)  
 Rationing and Salvage (PDF)  
 Civil Liberties (PDF)  
 Propaganda (PDF)  
 Remembrance (PDF)