Preserving the Collection

Posters are considered ‘ephemeral’ documents – e.g. they were never intended to last more than a few days once printed. This means they can be very fragile and have to be taken care of carefully by Horsham District Council’s Horsham Museum and Art Gallery.

An important aim of the Albery Poster Project was to stabilise the most fragile posters in the collection to allow them to be photographed, scanned and handled in the future. This was performed by a professional conservator who transformed almost 300 of our posters as seen below.





 The physical posters are still stored by Horsham Museum in their purpose built archive where a range of measures are taken to ensure the preservation of all documents, art work and books.

  • The temperature and humidity are kept at restricted levels 
  • The posters are stored in acid free folders and boxes 
  • Acid free folders and boxes are also used to transport the posters if moving them outside the archive 
  • All those handling the posters are instructed in the best method whilst in the archive  

The creation of a digital archive on this website now allows anyone to access the collection without risking damaging the posters themselves.